day ~ dream [n] -

A dream like musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes.

  • Everyday Streetwear With A Purpose...

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Everyday Streetwear With A Purpose...

Apparel Supporting Mental Health Awareness & Reasearch

We Are All Daydreamrr's

Live Your Dreams

Mental Health Matters

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T-Shirts & Tanks

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DAYDREAMRR: On the outside we are a unisex streetwear fashion brand based in Chicago ,IL. But on the inside we are much more than just this... We are a family, dedicated to spreading love & mental health awareness through our apparel.

Our message is simple... We are all daydreamrr's. Daydreaming for a better tomorrow, never give up on your dreams.

The extra R in our name has purpose. This R is the daily reminder, representing Realization... Realize Your Worth ~ Realize Your Potential ~ Realize Your Dreams.