Socially Distant Summer Activities For You and Your Loved Ones

With all of the changes and new protocols to ensure the safety of others during COVID-19, it may seem redundant to think about how much more time you have on your hands each day. Even as the warmer summer season approaches, people may be pondering on how to have a memorable summer, despite the circumstances of maintaining social distance and quarantining at home.

The most important part about COVID-19 and reducing the spread is to stay informed on your state’s guidelines, the reopening phases and updates from medical professionals and scientists, such as CDC and WHO, regardless if your state is still under lockdown for the unforeseen future or has already reopened completely. A summer in quarantine offers plenty of opportunities to brainstorm new ways to still make time with others safe while enjoying some fun in the sun. Here are some ideal quarantine ideas we cannot recommend enough for you to plan during the warm season.


1. Backyard Picnic

A picnic offers the opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy some fresh foods that you can pick up at your local grocery outside. If you are craving a big meal that you can take-out from a restaurant, there are also plenty of opportunities for curbside pickup, no-contact delivery or catering. Be sure to add in plenty of socially distant activities, such as photos and games to keep your invitees entertained!


2. Outdoor Movie Night

The good news about an outdoor movie night is you can host the movie night or find a local drive-in theater that hosts movies while guests sit in their cars and enjoy without coming into close contact with others. Blow-up movie screens and projectors are a great investment, especially for those movie buffs who plan to take advantage of this opportunity with other movie buffs. Scoping out deals online will get you a better price and warranty, but if you are looking to get out of the house, going to a drive-in theater may be a cheaper and more beneficial option for you and your selected watch party.


3. Bonfire 

Invite a couple of friends over or gather your loved one, ensure everybody’s seats are 6 ft. apart and light a bonfire! A bonfire can be an ideal alternative to a BBQ party or night at a friend’s house. Of course, getting some music out on a speaker and roasting some s’mores will enhance the experience for all. Don’t forget to ensure that all equipment is washed and disinfected properly once everybody leaves for the evening.

As human beings, it may seem impossible to sit inside at home all summer to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and reduce social interactions completely. We encourage our readers to ensure that these activities can play out as safely as possible, so if your state is not completely reopened or if it does not feel safe to invite people who are not quarantined with you, then feel free to keep activities between you and your quarantine partners. Now is the perfect time to get creative with how you interact with others from a distance. COVID-19 does not cancel out love, conversations and memories to be made. We will continue to move through this situation as swiftly and positively as possible, while still getting a summer for the books.

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