Why It All Started

Hi there!

I'm Joey and my wife is Dena. We're both from Chicago and now settled in the beautiful suburb Lockport, IL. As Mental Illness and addiction affects loved ones in our families (Bi-Polar, Personality Disorder & Alcoholism), We've seen first hand how not having a strong support system, family & community can be detrimental to all those involved.

We wanted to create a platform & community to help people across the world that are in similar situation. We wanted to serve a purpose greater than ourselves. So in 2019 we set out on a journey and Daydreamrr Apparel was born.

Through our brands message we want to spread Inspiration, Hope & Love. Our clothing serves as this daily reminder.  For every item sold, We donate 10% of all proceeds to a non profit organization - Advocating for Mental Health, Wellness & dedicated to building better lives for the millions of people affected. Together we can change lives and make a difference! Please check out our blog for more details & updates.