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Why It All Started

Hi there! My name is Joe a Chicago native, now settled in Lockport,IL. In 2019 my fiance Dena, our blended family (4 kids & 3 dogs now) and myself wanted to help make a difference in the lives of others. We wanted to serve a purpose greater than ourselves. So we set out on a journey and started a small family business.

As Mental Illness affects both of our families (Bi-Polar, Personality Disorder & Alcoholism), I've seen first hand how not having a strong support system/community can be detrimental to all those involved. Through our brands message we want to spread Inspiration & Love. No One Is Alone.  For every item we sell, daydreamrr Apparel donates 10% of all proceeds to a non profit organization - Supporting Mental Health, Wellness & dedicated to building better lives for the millions affected by mental illness. Together we can help change lives and make a difference! Please check out our blog for more details & updates.

The 2nd r in our name = realizing your potential.

Meet Joe, Dena, the Kids & Our 3 Pouches